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ACE-HTI Installs and Supports Mesh Networks to Cover Your Home with Wi-Fi

This next-generation Wi-Fi isn’t about bigger routers — it’s about deploying a fleet of smaller ones.

Routers struggle with long distances and interference, but can work great in teams.

In large or hard-to-network homes, the new idea is to put an access point upstairs, downstairs and in that troublesome side room.

They link to each other wirelessly, forming a “mesh” that spreads internet around your home.

Cover Your Whole Home with Mesh Wifi.

Houses come in all shapes and sizes. Shouldn’t your wifi too? Eero’s finely tuned antennas and patented TrueMesh technology send signals in every direction, blanketing your whole home in coverage while proactively helping reduce drop-offs and dead spots.

Why Mesh?

  • Seamless Coverage – Ensures strong and reliable connection throughout large or multi-story spaces by using multiple access points working together.
  • High Speeds – Provides fast and consistent internet speeds for all your devices, even when multiple devices are connected simultaneously.
  • Automatic Optimization – Network is managed intelligently, directing devices to the best access point without manual intervention.
  • Reliability and Redundancy – Mesh networks are designed for uninterrupted connectivity, automatically rerouting data through another access point if one encounters an issue.
  • Security and Privacy – Offers advanced security features for protection.
  • Smart Device Support: Ensures seamless connection for smart home devices.
  • Future-Proofing: Adapts to new technology advancements for continued reliability.

Opting for a mesh network offers seamless coverage, stability, and improved performance by creating a unified wireless network. It eliminates dead zones, reduces interference, and provides reliable connections for all devices making it particularly beneficial for larger homes or offices. With the growing demand for robust wireless connectivity, choosing a mesh network is a compelling solution for modern networking challenges.

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